Day 2276

January 22, 2018

What was I up to during the latter part of 2017?

After final exams in June, we kicked off summer vacation with a camp at Gamami Beach in Yeonggwang... just down stream from the nuclear power plant. No signs of extra limbs yet.

Fishing was the thing of the summer. It wasn't so much fishing on my part as it was sitting and enjoying the sun and a good book.

I needed a little getaway to Aphae Island before my bigger getaway to Canada a few weeks later.

and then to Seoul to visit the Canadian embassy for pre-wedding things.

I went into detail about my Canadian trip here in this blog post.

After coming back to Korea, I had a few dates with the kid to the rollerskating rink in Mokpo and a swim in the natural pools at Gichanland in Yeongam. 

More sun made for more fishing.

Go for the baseball, stay for the pizza and beer.

A big thing this summer was "convenience store pubs". It looks like a convenience store and sells all the convenience store goods, but you can sit and listen to music and be blinded by the disco lights. It's a lot better in theory than practice because I'm not really into going out just to have to make my own convenience store ramyeon as a side for my beer.

This year, the Chuseok holiday was an entire week. It started in Daegu with family things and then ended with camping feat. roasted buggy chestnuts and less-than-ideal orange brownies.

Another trip to Seoul apparently only featured food.

We had been waiting/preparing for months for our Wedding Photoshoot; 
details of which you can read here.

In the month before our wedding, we visited some family and gorged on macarons.

And then came the big day: Our Korean Wedding. The details of the day are to come in a future post once we get all of our photos back.

Since our Korean wedding ended, the semester wound down, and then came Christmas and 2018. For New Years, we spent a weekend in Seoul (mostly because we had a Big Bang concert to attend). On our way up to the city, we made a stop at Bear Tree Park in Sejong/Cheonan. The park had, as you guessed it, bears and trees.

Before we could enjoy winter vacation, there was the always-exhausting-but-happy-it's-over English Camp. We made slime, transformer-esque robots from recyclables, and a hefty profit at camp marketplace. Now that it is over, I'm looking forward to doing nothing until we head to Pyeongchang for the Winter Olympics in February.

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