Favourites (11/12 2017)

December 28, 2017

1. Despite telling them not to come all the way here for my Korean wedding, they are as stubborn as me and came anyway. Hands down my favourite thing of November and December (maaaaybe tied with our actual wedding) was my family's visit. It was a bizarre experience having my worlds collide; an experience I had prior when PH came to visit Canada but for some reason this was even weirder. Weird as it was, it was so much fun and Korea had never felt so empty upon their departure. Not too many spoilers because I'm giving them their own blog post next month. 

2. For as long as I can remember my favourite scent from Bath and Body Works has been the now-discontinued Twilight Woods. I'm not sure if this coconut eucalyptus hand wash would fare well as a body fragrance but I have, on occasion, been tempted.
Edit: I just googled 'twilight woods' and you can get it online !?

3. The big trend this winter in Korea is "long padding" winter coats that go down to your ankles. The other trend of the season, however, seems to be wearing pants that don't quite reach the ankle. Brr. Kids these days nowadays. Anyway, PH offered to buy me one of these jackets and asked which colour I wanted. Black? No. Khaki? Nuh-uh. Rainbow! He succeeded. I lub my rainbow fur long padding.

4. In the realm of fashion/things you put on your body, fuzzball earrings are a definitely a fave right now right along with turtleneck knit sweaters that come up to my nose. I hate the summer and I hate the winter my existence is tortured but at least my ears are cute, furry, and warm.

5. Look. I'm married now and I'm a growed up and society tells me that appliances are part of my life now. But really air fryers are absolutely genius. GENIUS. You get to feel great about your unhealthy lifestyle because instead of frying all the carbs in oil you're frying them in air. AIR.  

6. Innisfree Cushion foundation is something I've carried around in my bag for probably a year now. I don't use it for my daily makeup application because it is quite full/heavy coverage, but it's great for touch-ups throughout the day. I went back for a refill and found out they completely changed the process to be more fashionable and perhaps less wasteful. Instead of buying a whole new pack, Innisfree now has stylish little cases and you insert the refill packs inside it. I went for the higher coverage "Waterfit Cushion" in the colour 13호 라이트 베이지/ light beige.

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