Healing Cafés (Hue/휴)

January 29, 2018

Drinking coffee while sitting in a regular chair just not cutting it?

Want to feel more relaxed in your relaxing leisure time?

Massage chair cafés!

Go to a cafe, sit in a massage chair, take a nap, enjoy a bev.

This concept is even more perfect in the winter season (much like the book cafés) when you want to escape the natural elements... be that snow, humidity, or cancerous fine dust.

The first step is choosing your drink and how long you want to stay. The massage happens first and the drink comes later. Perhaps a good call in avoiding a combination of scalding hot liquids and a chair with moving parts. 

After ordering, someone will escort you to your massage chair where you'll receive your disposable slippers and choose what kind of massage you'd like (see the bottom of this post). The employee will ask what kind of massage you want and will set everything up for you. It's an added bonus that you can't even sit and stare at your phone during your massage because your hands also have to be placed in the chair. 

Here are a few translations of the signs you may see on the wall beside the massage chair. 
The first one is of the massage types, and the other is general guidelines about how to use the chair in case you lack common sense ...... ☺

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