Day 1735

July 24, 2016

Herrow~ When we last spoke, winter was beginning to thaw and it was time to get out exploring.

A random drive brought us to Mokpo bridge (목포대교). The views in this area aren't given the appreciation they deserve.

With a new semester came a new need for bonding time amongst the coworkers which involved strawberry picking at Sweet & Sour Strawberry House (새콤달콤 딸기하우스) in Damyang. This place was busier and had a more"field trippy" feel than the strawberry farm we went to last year, but it was still good times and delicious strawberries.

Right after harvesting strawberries it was time to see Winner! This was the first time any real group I like came to a smaller venue in Gwangju (an hour from my house) so that was quite a welcomed change.

Next! A weekend trip to the city of Jeonju which is most notable for the traditional Korean house (hanok) village (전주 한옥 마을). I first visited this place with my coworkers in early, winter months of 2013. This time around, our first stop was at a place I'm a sucker for: small maze-like villages with muraled walls (자만벽화마을).

On our way to the hanok village we stumbled upon an education museum, called Tak's Museum (탁스뮤즘/전주교육박물관), which showed what classrooms looked like in Korea from 1910 to the present. The owner of the museum taught in public schools until moving to a prestigious university in Seoul. All of the artifacts in the museum were personally collected and/or came as donations.

And finally, the hanok village.

On the drive home the next day, we didn't let a chance to explore pass us by. We made a stop at the Penguin Village (펜귄 마을) in Gwangju. It's a pretty random little spot full of random things and students' art.

Finally, a weekend away with my auntie! This is a place I had travelled to before (a common theme here?) but we got rained out last time. Onward to Jeungdo (증도), the island of salt! Salt farms, salt fields, salt ice cream, salt lattes...

Jeungdo Salt Farms (증도 태평염전)

Woojeon Beach (우전해수욕장)

Another weekend, another beachfront: Oedaldo. Also a place I visited before, but not for a few years. This time we stayed at an amazing traditional Korean house right on the water. We even got in some fishing and woke up with toast and coffee by the water.

What's that? Another beach? Yep. Trusty old Myeongsasimni Beach (명사십리 해수욕장) in Wando which I think I have visited at least once a year since coming to Korea.

My last remaining 20-something birthday came, went, and I was spoiled...

A friend had a wedding in Seoul so we met with some great people but also made sure we explored a bit before heading out of the city. Namsan Tower (남산타워)!

Up next... it was finally the trip I had been waiting for: Canada!

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