June 20, 2013

With a 4-day weekend in our sights (thanks, Memorial Day!), a few of us decided to pack a picnic and spend a day on a nearby island, Oedal.

We took a morning ferry from Mokpo which only took about an hour.

Touted as "Love Island", I expected to see a bunch of couples perusing the island or at least love-themed things. However, aside from some heart-shaped stones along the path, there was no love to be found. I've since asked some people why it is known as "Love Island" but the reason remains unknown. Perhaps it's the mystery part that's the key.

Anyway, we set off under the direction of geocaches (there were supposed to be four on the island, of which we found zero), and had our first stop at a lighthouse. We then moved on, following the coast, until we found a little gazebo which was perfect for setting up our BBQ lunch.

Some "love locks" hanging from the lighthouse. This definitely isn't something specific to Oedaldo; They're all over Korea. 

Up ahead: Lunch pavilion!

We brought a gas range for cooking and a backpack filled with meats, salads, and drinks ^_^

After lunch, we tried (and failed) to track another geocache at a garden before cutting through to the main attraction of the island, a saltwater pool. It wasn't open yet, but during on-season (July and August) I imagine that the island and the pool are swarming with people. We definitely went at a great time when the island was more or less deserted. After cutting through the island and back to ferry "terminal" (a slab of concrete with a tiny hut), we waited for our ferry at a nearby beach.


Monsoon was predicted to begin this past Tuesday, and predictions were right. It monsooned both Tuesday and Wednesday and it's been a humid mess since then. I hope my umbrella and rainboots are ready!

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