Day 1396

August 21, 2015

Summer in Korea arrived with the rainy season. Downpours aside, life was lifed.

Our trip to Jeungdo initially involved camping, but the weather decided it would just be a day trip. Jeungdo is a small island off the coast of Mokpo as part of the Shinan region of islands. It's known as the "slow city" and is home to Korea's largest salt farm. In true Korean fashion, this means that Jeungdo encompasses everything salt. Salt farms, salt museums, salt ice cream.

Salt Museum (소금 박물관)

Ice cream topped with blueberry salt

Woojeon Beach (우전해수욕장)

Mudfish Bridge (짱뚱어 다리)

Once the rain decided to take a break, camping happened in Haenam. But not before making a mandatory stop at the local Dinosaur Museum (해남공룡박물관).

The Universiade/World University Games are apparently the second biggest international sporting event after the Olympics. Me being me, I had no idea they existed until they were hosted in Gwangju. We went to check out the rhythmic gymnastics event which ended up including a rather popular Korean Olympic athlete, Son Yeon-jae. The reaction from the crowd was enough to sustain excitement for the 5 hour event.

Spontaneous weekend in Daegu~
Apsan Mountain night hike (앞산)

Dalseong Park/Zoo (달성공원)

Kim Gwangseok (Folk Singer) Street (김광석 거리)

The Foo Fighters visited Korea for the first time. A dream. Before heading to the concert in the evening, we stopped by Incheon for some sights and deep fried ice cream.

Fairy Tale Village (동화마을)

Chinatown (차이나타운) 

Ansan Rock Festival

For those of us with rainboots, it was a blast. For others, it was a downright muddy mess. Regardless, it was a blast. People in Korea who like the Foo Fighters are exactly my people.

The semester ended which is normally punctuated with a 10-day session of vacation classes. Much to my surprise, no kids showed up. I enjoyed this as the only time during the summer holiday that I would have any down time.

Before the start of my graduate school classes, I gave my brain a vacation at Topmeoli Beach in Muan.

Grad school classes. Two weeks of intensives with some great colleagues~ With those classes done, I'm 30% finished the program! Woooop.

I finished off the summer holiday with a Lotus Festival back in Muan. There was definitely more sweat and people than lotus flowers, but it was a good time.

Back at school now for the second semester of 2015, and my final semester at Samho Middle School after working there for 3 years. I'll be finishing this job at the end of October. I don't know what my next endeavor entails, but I'm excited to find out. Until then, I'm making the best of what's left.

Latter half of 2015, let's keep it good~

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