K-pop Bops | Summer 2018

August 13, 2018

Red Velvet

Summer is a season of jams and this summer was exceptionally great. K-pop can sometimes just be a buzz in my ears, and we'll see what I think about these songs after they're played into the ground, but I personally have these on repeat right now. The list is entirely girl groups but I can't help it if females have been killing it this season.

1. Travel by Bol4

I've loved this duo for a while; their first album was a favourite this time last year and the first part of their most recent album, Red Diary, was a favourite last fall. The second part of Red Diary was released at the beginning of the summer and I've been belting it out in my car ever since.

2. Ddu-du Ddu-du by BLACKPINK

I suppose it would be entirely unhelpful just to tell you to listen to the song to know why it's in this list. But just listen to it and tell me I'm wrong.

3. Power Up by Red Velvet

Yes, the latter half of the chorus is just "banana" repeated over and over.

4. Dance the Night Away by TWICE

tbqh, TWICE is the cutesy girl group I can usually do without but the 90s vibe of this song got me right away. My guess is I'll be over this song after a few weeks of being back in Korea, but until then I'll be listening to those chorus trumpets on the highest volume. 

5. Momoland - BAAM by Momoland

Momoland showed up on my radar when one of their members, JooE, was in a bunch of hilariously insane Tropicana ads. They're so weird and so great. 

Perhaps also a bit problematic. 

What have you been listening to this summer?

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