Favourites (03/04 2018)

April 30, 2018

For one reason or another the air quality has really sucked lately. I've heard stories of fine dust blowing over from Chinese deserts, coal plants generating pollution, and the simple reason of "this is life in Asia". As a bit of a side note, I've been using an app called Air Visual to track the air quality in the area. The air quality got bad enough for long enough, and I couldn't shake symptons of a "cold" for over a week. I finally caved and got myself some masks in hopes that it will reduce the symptoms and ward off the lung disease. I bought 50 masks for about $7 on Gmarket. Who doesn't want to walk around town feeling like they could go in to perform surgery at any moment?

This is a carry-over from my favourites last spring/summer and it's just expanded to be another pair of denim overalls; this time a bit more of a light/distressed wash but pretty much same-same. As with the last pair, I got my new pair from H&M.

I've been wearing these sunglasses since the turn of the new year but it's something about the disappearance of snow that really makes you acknowledge the existence of the sun. I got them from Forever 21

My nails are pretty weak on their own, so between manicures (could I sound any more bougie?) I apply coats of Sally Hansen's Triple Strong Nail Fortifier which I got from Olive Young. It's not a magical treatment that makes my nails stronger on their own, it's literally just a protective topcoat that shields my nails from breakage.

I was gifted this Oil Blotting Powder a while ago but only recently decided to give it a try. I have written about other favourite Korean summer remedies and although we're not yet in the brunt of summer, this remedy seems to be holding up so far. It's old school powder, but it's lightweight, has a nice scent, and it's cute! I'm not sure if the product is still available through Face Shop, but I have seen it on Memebox

I have had countless pairs of Converse Allstars but it's been years (maybe decades) since I got high tops. These shoes are absolutely timeless and I love them (although not entirely practical/convenient when going in and out of Korean restaurants requiring you to take your shoes on and off). I got this pair online from Gmarket.

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