Top 5: Best Things About Living in Korea

September 08, 2015

1. Living in Korea provides vast opportunities for travel. Not only are there a bunch of countries to travel to within a stones throw of Korea, there are also so many opportunities to see new landscapes within the country as well.

2. Korean food is amazing, always available, and cheap. Two people can eat well for $10, or $20 if you're getting really fancy. Restaurants are everywhere and many of them are open all night long. Cooking at home can really become obsolete if you so choose.

3. Koreans generally don't fault non-Koreans if they don't know the Korean language and are so pleasantly surprised if they do. Compare this with general experience in English-speaking countries where you are usually expected to know and use English. When ordering in an English-speaking restaurant with no/broken English, this English-speaking employee may show frustration (if not contempt). Such employees in Korea may show signs of stress when they see a foreigner enter their shop, but this is because they feel that their English should be better to accommodate the foreigner. This may explain why so many people come to Korea and continually feel it is not necessary to learn to the language.

4. From restaurant bills to car repairs, the cost of living in Korea is more than reasonable. Monthly utility bills can easily come to under $200 per month (including phone but not including rent which is often provided for free by employers). A full night of drinking? $20. A dentist bill for a wisdom tooth extraction? $20. An entire years worth of car insurance? $500 (of course depending on your car/situation). You get the idea. Living in Korea is cheap.

5. Taking everything into consideration, the lifestyle for foreigners in Korea is pretty great. Cheap living, relative promise of a decent job, free time, adventures, fast internet. It's hard to complain.


  1. You highlighted some amazing things about living there! How about a list about the "worst" things about living there?


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