Favourites (08/09 2015)

September 21, 2015

Blond hair is not easy to maintain in Korea. Way back in 2011 after I had been living in Korea for a few months, I decided that my roots needed a touch up. Not thinking too much about it, I went to any old Korean hair shop. Yeah. The resulting cheddar cheese hue convinced me that I needed to seek other options. After a stint as a brunette, I decided to go back to blond and managed to find a great hair stylist in town who has experience with non-Korean hair, and who did a great job, but who cost over $100 every few months.

Then something revolutionary happened... I walked into a local drug store to find the first blond boxed hair dye I had ever seen in Korea. It was on sale for $6. But the girl on the label is a super famous celebrity so it couldn't be too bad. That's how marketing works, right? The experience was terrifying, but the result was surprisingly pretty great. The brand is Hello Bubble by Mise en Scene in the colour Vanilla Gold (미장센 헬로버블 염색약 바닐라골드). Get it here.

Since my 26 birthday, I decided it was time for preventative anti-wrinkle night cream. Hooray. I initially used RoC's product which I bought in Guam. Because I couldn't find that one again during a trip to Canada, I switched to Olay's version. I think it has had an effect already, but who can really say for certain.  It's not wildly expensive and it smells good. As I said, this was bought in Canada but it seems to be available on Gmarket and Amazon.

In my April/May Favourites I mentioned a book of traditional Korean stories that I was using to help me study Korean. While I still think that is a great book to learn language through culture, the vocabulary is generally not used in everyday conversation. To try out something new and perhaps more colloquially useful, I revisited an illustrated/comic book that I received as a gift about a year ago. Pape Popo (파페포포) is a series of books that follows the relationship between two characters, Pape and Popo. It is pretty cutesy, and a very easy read especially due to the pictures. Reading this style of text definitely beats the more wordy traditional texts which require direct translation of out-dated vocabulary terms. Get them here.

There's a YouTube channel I've been into lately and I can't exactly explain why. Her name is honeykki 꿀키 and she primarily makes cooking videos. While I don't particularly like cooking, there's something about her videos that is so immensely satisfying. As a bonus, perhaps I'm learning to cook Korean food without even trying~ So good.

If you're in Korea, you know Kakao talk. It's the main texting app in Korea which has it's own range of emoticon characters. I've been sucked into it and there's no way out. Character-themed emoticon packs, mugs, toothbrushes... Step one is admitting you have a problem. Step two is relapse upon the release of a phone game by that same company with the promise of free emoticons after level 16. I vowed to stop after I got them. And I lied. It's not any different from games like Candy Crush, but it has those lovable characters. My name is Lindsay. I am a big sucker for marketing ploys. App store link.

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