Second Pregnancy: Weeks 1-12

March 26, 2021

If you haven't heard, I'm pregnant with our second! 

I woke up on the first day of 2021 and thought "I wonder how good will this year be..."

In the past, it was my job to take the pregnancy test and PH's job to check it ... but after almost a year of negative tests I didn't have high hopes. Whoops. PH was in the livingroom changing MJ's butt and I came out and said "um ... 😳"

Let's start with common questions I've been asked:

When are you due?

September 6th! We will just miss having two under two -- MJ will be 2 years and 3 months.

What is the fetus name?

As I mentioned in the post about my pregnancy with MJ, Koreans place a lot of importance on how you refer to the baby before its born. Parents often choose a special or meaningful name. This time around we chose λ§λž‘μ΄ = mal-lang-gy = squishy.

Stick with me: 2021 is the year of the cow, Korea has a candy called λ§λž‘μΉ΄μš°/Squishy Cow, and λ§λž‘μ΄/Squishy is an adorable name... don't you think?

Is it a girl or a boy?

It's a girl! 

How have you been feeling? Is it different from the first time?

It's hard to compare first and second pregnancies because you're first without a toddler and then with -- and this pregnancy was also during the pandemic so I was working from home. The fatigue hit me really hard for the entire first two months. I was never sick but had a steady nauseous buzz for weeks. I truly felt like a zombie but that feeling lifted as soon as the first trimester was over.

Hospital Visits

Week 4

My first appointment was simply to confirm the pregnancy. It was a really quick visit and required only a transvaginal (internal) ultrasound. We got a sonogram and it cost 15,800 won (~$17.50 CDN). 

Week 6

We had an appointment two weeks later during which we had a regular ultrasound and blood and urine tests to test my general physical health. This appointment was an expensive one at 138,400 won ($154 CDN). 

After this appointment we got the diary which will hold all of our sonograms and details about the baby's growth and upcoming appointments. We also have access to an app through which we can download the sonogram images and videos. Lastly, it was at this appointment that we got paperwork used to apply for and get the bank card that every pregnant woman gets to cover hospital expenses. None of this is new since I was pregnant with MJ in 2018, but the amount of *free money* on the card this time was increased to 600,000 won ($670 CDN) from 500,000 won ($560 CDN). If memory serves correctly, this amount covers a good amount of the expenses. I think it may not cover all of the cost of delivery but, even so, the cost is pretty low.

Week 8

After the routine ultrasound, my doctor mentioned that my blood test indicated I lacked vitamin D. A lack of the sunshine vitamin was no shock to me -- I practically spent 2 months in bed. I got a vitamin D injection in my butt cheek and was on my way after paying 66,300 won ($74 CDN). 

As a side note, I was told that Canada only provides the 4D sonograms at specialty clinics which are not free. I believe that Korea provides a heck of a lot more sonograms in general. Throughout my pregnancy I will probably have 12-15 appointments and will have both a 3D and 4D scan at each appointment. Scroll down for a 4D scan of my gummy bear baby. 

Week 11

This appointment had the routine ultrasound and an added blood test to test for chromosomal abnormalities. It's called "κΈ°ν˜•μ•„κ²€μ‚¬/gi-hyung-ah gum-sa" in Korean but I have no idea what it is in English. It detects conditions such as Down Syndrome and Edwards' Syndrome. This appointment cost us 74,800 won ($83 CDN). 

That's everything for the first trimester! As I said, I felt like crap but that feeling subsided almost immediately as the second trimester began. Let's go, second trimester!

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