Second Pregnancy: Weeks 13-27

June 18, 2021

The second trimester began in early March which was perfect because it was an upswing of work with the start of a new school year. So out with the nausea and mental numbness and on with the second trimester!

Common Questions

How are you feeling?

I've been feeling pretty great -- certainly better than the first trimester. I have my energy and personality back and I don't feel too heavy when moving around just yet. I often forget that I'm pregnant until I want some caffeine or to simply lie down. Though, speaking of which, getting up after lying down has become a struggle and in the mornings my hip joints (?) are stiff ... but other than that, everything is a-ok.

Any names in mind?

Of course we have been thinking of names. It's a challenge for us because we need to choose a name that is easily pronounced in both Korean and English. Like we did last time, we have both been making lists and every so often we come together to veto them and shorten the list.

Sleeping arrangements?

Minjoon currently sleeps in his own room (not typical in Korea -- Koreans tend to co-sleep longer). We will have a bassinet in our room for 4-6 months then we'll move her into the room with Minjoon when the time feels right. 

In terms of actual beds, we have opted out of using traditional cribs. Koreans aren't so opposed to living close to the floor and we've really embraced that when it comes to parenting (that also means no need for a changing table!). Minjoon was in a traditional crib for a couple months until we transitioned him to a "bumper bed" which is just a mat on the floor with cushioned walls. With the bumper bed, as Minjoon got older, he was able to get up when he woke up and have that independence/freedom. It also helped on those nights when I had to spend the night in his room and could just share his bed. Recently, at almost two years old, we've transitioned Minjoon into a toddler bed. We had a good experience with these sleeping arrangements the first time around, so we're going to give it a go the second time, too. 

Is MJ excited to be a big brother?

He really hasn't grasped the concept and hasn't even really noticed that my body has changed. Why would he? There may be hormonal shifts or something that he senses but it's hard to identify the cause of behavioural changes in toddlers who go through different developmental stages every few months. I've gotten some books that talk about the arrival of new siblings, so he'll grasp the concept eventually (whether he wants to or not! because she is coming). 



Week 13

It was this week that we decided to make our news public on social media! Sharing the news, for us, the second time around was really different than it was the first time. I felt really cautious the first time about telling family members "too soon", but this time I told close family and friends right away. I rationalized that I would share this good news with those who I would be willing to share potential bad news with as well. 

Week 15

At our 15 week check up, we had a routine ultrasound as well as blood tests for the second round of genetic testing (thanks, Amber, for letting me know what it is in English! It's 기형아검사 2차 in Korean). This hospital visit cost us 33,400 won ($36 CDN).

Week 18

At around 18 weeks is when we first felt her kick! This is only slightly earlier than with MJ which was 19-20 weeks. The kicks started off feeling a bit different than they did with MJ which could be because there is, according to our doctor, a high level of amniotic fluid in there this time around. I feel less limbs and jabs and more like general motion as if she is spinning and doing somersaults.

Week 20

Another hospital visit with our routine ultrasound and we picked up some omega 3 supplements. This trip cost us 65,100 won ($71 CDN).

Korea gives free iron supplements to pregnant women, but that requires a visit to the health clinic. Because of covid and laziness, I opted to just buy from a pharmacy which was 70,000 won ($76 CDN) for a two month supply. I won't be doing that again when I need a refill.

Week 24

At our hospital visit, it was time for the glucose tolerance test (임신성 당뇨검사) which is used to identify gestational diabetes. This visit took longer than our normal visits because I had to chug some orange, sugar water and then wait an hour before having a urine and blood test. This test plus a truck load of heart burn meds cost 67,200 won ($72 CDN). 

And that brings us to the end of the second trimester! Currently writing this at 28 weeks which means I'm only a few days into the third trimester. 11 weeks to go!

Cost of first trimester: 279,500 won ($304 CDN)

Cost of second trimester: 165,700 won ($180 CDN)

Total so far: 445,200 won ($484 CDN)

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