Our Canadian Wedding

November 26, 2018

July 21, 2018

Seven months following our Korean wedding, it was finally time for the Canadian one!

First and foremost, all photos in this blog post are thanks to Andrea Cotterchio Photography. Andrea was amazing and flexible and a dream to work with. While we were getting ready in the morning, she was sneaking around doing her own thing and getting all the detail shots of my dress and Parkhwan's accessories. She had the great idea of using our passports in photos which was genius. 

I initially considered having the bridal party get ready at a fancy house or hotel (because that's what they do in all the blogs!), but financially and logistically it didn't make sense. We ended up getting ready in my mom's living room which was completely fitting because it's where I grew up. It was a very relaxed morning which I loved. There were still a few things to do but my awesome bridal party had it covered. 

Our makeup and hair were done by Avryl and Cristhine at Makeup Jedi. Everyone was so happy with their looks and Avryl and Cristhine were both so friendly and flexible that even members of the bridal party who never wear makeup said they felt comfortable. 

Yes, that's the same dress I wore at our Korean wedding!

Parkhwan's watch is a graduation present his sister bought him years ago. The silver tie bar is a gift from me and says "PH♡LR". 

Is this not the most adorable!?

That smile!

Three of my most favourite people in the world!

My mom! I was once working a summer job in high school when an older coworker I had never met stopped me and asked "Are you Debbie Lonergan's daughter?" I guess we look alike or something :)

This is the Ross sisters going full-throttle getting down to business.

Being very careful not to spill vodka cranberry on my dress before the wedding.

The most us photo from the day:

Our auntie Cindy was an angel and fulfilled Parkhwan's dream of showing up in her cool Jeep, Ruby. 

This is my aunt Debi who was a saint for taking on the task of being our officiant for the ceremony. Growing up, I spent a lot of time with her and my uncle Dave and they are one of the most iconic couples I've ever had the pleasure of knowing. It was an honour to have her officiate  and she did an amazing job.

These girls right here... if you add up how long I've known each of them, it combines to over 70 years.

So. Handsome.

My sister and her boyfriend, Sawyer, built this arch from scratch. You'll see it later used again as the photo backdrop in the reception hall.

After a very brief ceremony, it was time for family and bridal party photos. I'm eternally grateful for the patience and endurance, first and foremost, of our photographer Andrea but also of everyone who had to stand around in the sun.

The Ross'!

One of my favourite photos from the day.
Parkhwan is always next to me making sure I don't trip and fall on my face:

My girls!

My groomspeople!

("Now turn and look each other in the eye" is a great technique to get that laugh/awkward giggle.)

"Any last poses you'd like?"
"Yes, Lindsay. Let's do judo. Lift me."

and then. THEN. It was finally the time I had been waiting for. Yes, a wedding is about professing your love for all to see... or something... but I was really, really looking forward to spending time with the people who I hold dearest. 

(Hashtag sign hand painted by me!)

Our incredible favours that Parkhwan made happen: Soju! We spent over a year trying to bring them from Korea to Canada because of the liquor restrictions at customs. The label is custom/copied from an actual soju brand, but I changed it to say 우리 처럼 (just like us) instead of 처음처럼 (like the first time). There may or may not have been an instance of people drinking this and passing out at their table (looking at you, cousin!). 

The photos were brought over from the wedding photo shoot we did before our Korean wedding.

(Wreath made by meee!)

Beautiful cake made by my aunt Viv 
and donuts supplied by Krispy Kreme and Daddy O Doughnuts.

(Jacket hand paint by meeeee.)
Not pictured: the button of my dress flying off before this moment, and 15 people searching for a safety pin. I guess the bride blogs were right about needing that sewing kit. Oops! Turned out to be one of the funniest/most memorable moments of the day, though. 

I need to point out just how much of a trooper Parkhwan is. Dancing is not a thing in Korea. Dancing in front of everyone we know is certainly not a thing in Korea. I gave him an out and didn't force this on him, but he was totally down for it. Because he's amazing. His parents weren't able to make it to Canada for the wedding, so I also love my mom for dancing with him.

The song Parkhwan and I danced to was a Korean song called "Confession" by Winner. It's a song that came out right before we started dating. I remember driving around listening to it wondering if I should ask him out or not (I did!).

The song we danced with our parents to was the acoustic version of "Forever Young" by Rod Stewart because he's my moms number one and I grew up listening to him and it fit perfectly. 

The night progressed with drinks, dancing, and me wondering "where the heck did Parkhwan go?" only to look around and find him having a conversation with every guest. Can't emphasize how much I am grateful for his courage and spirit for being surrounding by chatty English-speaking people for hours without being fluent himself. 

There was also a fireplace and smores outside, late-night poutine (thanks to Christine and Dom!), and a school bus to get us all home safely at the end of the night. 

Recounting this experience 4 months later, I'm reminded just how much of a community effort this day was. Again, yes, it was a day to celebrate Parkhwan and I, sure, but I love that our wedding was so personal and meaningful and full of friends and family. I will forever be grateful to those who took time out of their lives to help and support us... whether it was attending the wedding or picking up the flowers or baking the cake or officiating or putting 100 covers on chairs at the reception hall: Thank you so so much to everyone who made this day so amazing and unforgettable. 

Wedding venue: Georgina Pioneer Village
Reception venue: The ROC Chalet
Save the Dates & Invitations: Vistaprint
Nails: Tiara Nail
Makeup & Hair: Makeup Jedi

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