The Proposal Story

October 25, 2017

On the morning of May 24th, I gave PH his coffee and sent him on his way to work. The best relationships are founded on a base of mutual trust and respect but our proposal started with lies. PH came back inside looking distraught because his car wouldn't start (spoiler: his car was absolutely fine). I gave him a ride to work and planned to pick him up later that day.

After picking PH up from work, he nonchalantly suggested having dinner at a nonchalant bbq place nearby. It was all very nonchalant and I was all very unsuspecting.

Fun side note: On our way out of the restaurant, one of the servers ran out to give PH his bag that he left behind (spoiler: this is a proposal story and in that bag was a ring that is pertinent to the story. In addition, PH never carries a man purse which is just one of the many things that should have tipped me off but did not).

Where shall we go next? During dinner, PH asked if we should grab coffee afterwards. Me being my money-wise, unromantic, and clueless self, I replied with "why? we have coffee at home". I later found out that I caused PH to experience a mild bit of panic.

A little bit later he suggested getting tea. TEA. We do not drink tea. Me being my apathetic and still utterly clueless self, I replied with "yeah sure".

It just so happened that the coffee shop where we first met was close by. Do you think I was suspicious when PH tried to lure me with tea to the place where we first met? Nope!

Upon entering the coffee shop, we went to the counter to order our beverages at which time the part-time barista proceeded to tell us that someone had set up "an event" at the far end of the store so we should be careful not to sit in that area (spoiler: PH was the one who set this all up, but he had arranged it with the manager.)

Being the rule-abiding person that I am, I was careful not to sit in that section but PH did just the opposite (while the barista yelled a reminder across the coffee shop not to sit there). I scolded him for being a dummy and told him to stop kidding around. He assured the barista it was fine, sat in the "event section" which had a projector and screen set up, and convinced me to join him there.

After about 10-15 minutes of confusion (and what must have been next-level denial on my part brought on by my embarrassed and uncomfortable disposition because I generally don't think of myself as being quite so dense), PH finally picked up the cursor and pressed play on a video he had put together. 

Do you think it was at this point that I thought "Hey, this is totally a proposal"? 


Instead, I was thinking frantically "What anniversary did I miss? What day is it? What is happening?"

When the words "will you marry me?" scrolled up on the screen, it was hard to be in denial any longer. I was torn between feelings of joy, gratitude, and wanting to crawl into a hole and die from embarrassment. You know in movies when the girl is proposed to and she jumps up and down from excitement because she had been searching his closet for the ring for months and the moment finally happened? 

Yeah, that wasn't me. 

Luckily PH knows me well enough to have expected the reaction that he got and says he wasn't disappointed. PH had designed an amazing ring and went through so much trouble that day in order to make this moment happen. He never does anything half-assed and it's one of the things I admire most about him. 

It was an amazing moment; a moment I will cherish forever but also a moment that I am grateful will never recur. #awkwardaf

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