Favourites (05/06 2017)

June 23, 2017

I wrote about G-Dragon in 2013 after the release of his last solo album, Coup d'Etat. With Big Bang now lost in the dust trails of the members' army enlistment, G-Dragon released his fourth solo album/EP, Kwon Jiyong. He released "무제 (Untitled, 2014)" as the first single, but I can't wait for the rest to become summer booops.

I typically scroll past beauty trends and health crazes, but for some reason charcoal toothpaste had me intrigued and I found a Korean brand online called 흑치약/Black Toothpaste. I had heard that charcoal toothpaste is abrasive for tooth enamel and causes you to have to scrub down your sink after every use. The brand that I found, however, seems much less concentrated than others I've seen online and is an upgrade from the weak/sweet Korean toothpaste brands I've used. Once you get over the slight ginseng-ish flavour, it's not so bad! 

I have loved the idea of the "1 Second Everyday" app for years, and finally bought it just in time to capture a second each day in May 2017. I was initially reluctant because I don't need to be spending more time on my phone, but it really doesn't require much time at all aside from having to remember to actually do it. A second of video takes as much time as it does to snap a photo and importing the videos is really quick/easy. Here is what May 2017 was like:

We have two weddings to plan on two different continents, and despite being completely clueless about weddings it's been pretty fun so far. The processes of planning a wedding in each Canada and Korea are so vastly different; I'll have to share those experiences later. I'm currently planning our entire Canadian wedding via the interwebs and Pinterest has been a great place of inspiration, while The Knot alerts me to the fact that I know absolutely nothing about weddings. 

The ring tho. One step closer to becoming full-fledged ajumma

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