Favourites (01/02 2017)

February 28, 2017

Since purchasing my former Macbook, I started and finished both my Bachelor and Master of Education and lived abroad long enough to raise multiple cats. It's safe to say that my old Macbook served me well, but it was time for an upgrade. I opted for the Macbook Pro Retina because I'm not bold enough to abandon traditional ports that aren't an option in the newest models. I'm loving it so far, but the smaller hard drive capacity has been an adjustment; I somehow lucked out and got a free upgrade to 500GB on my old machine, whereas I only have 120GB on my new one. Thankfully, Rollercoaster Tycoon files are small. Seamless segue:

What better way to celebrate a brand new computer than with a game that's nearly 20 years old? Thanks to my sister reminding me of the games existence, I hunted down RollerCoaster Tycoon ($6 on GOG.com) as well as a way to play it on iOS (free from Wineskin) which wasn't easy due to the fact that the year 2000 was all about PC when Windows XP hadn't even rocked our worlds yet.

Not any less nerdy but a little more active (kindof?), Pokemon GO! It finally made its appearance in Korea at the end of January... after everyone I knew in other countries was sick of it already and had quit. The recent release of the second generation of pokemons may have sparked interest again internationally, but we're still riding the high here in Korea. 

Zion.T is a relatively new hip-hop artist in Korea and his new album, OO, is full of bops. He debuted in 2011 but became more recognized after his song, 양화대교/Yanghwa BRDG, which came out in 2013. This is his first album since being signed under the entertainment label, YG Entertainment (the same label as Big Bang and PSY). 

I've been listening to the first single, 노래/The Song, on repeat. The whole album seems to have more upbeat melodies while still seeming true to his down-to-earth style. The track, Complex, features G-Dragon from Big Bang and speaks to each of their insecurities; Zion.T wishing he had more skills like an idol and GD wishing he was known more for his skill than for money and girls. I could go on about the rest of the songs on the album, but just see for yourself!

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