Top 5: Areas in Mokpo

February 06, 2017

1. MOKPO BRIDGE (목포대교)

A. Coffee Shops in front of Shinan Beach Hotel (신안비치호텔) 
Address: 전라남도 목포시 죽교동 440-4

This area is one of the most underrated in Mokpo. Sitting right behind Yudal mountain is this small beach-front area with a view of Mokpo Bridge which lights up at night. In the summer, bring a BBQ to the beach. In the winter, grab a hot coffee from one of the coffee shops.

B. "Beach"
The beach isn't the biggest or most swimmable, but it's the only sandy waterfront that I know of in Mokpo. If you want a quality beach, head toward Wando or one of the islands nearby.

C. Views from Mokpo Maritime University campus (목포해양대학교)
Address: 전라남도 목포시 해양대학로 91

You can get an alright view of Mokpo Bridge from the waterfront and coffee shops. If you want to get up close, however, follow the roads toward the back of Mokpo Maritime University's campus.  


A. Museum of Modern History 1/Former Japanese Consulate (목포 근대역사관 1관/구 목포 일본영사관)
Address: 전남 목포시 영산로29번길 6 목포문화원

The area around Yudal mountain contains a ton of history. Mokpo was established as a port city early on which was advantageous being located on the route between between China and Japan. When the Japanese occupied in 1910, they established a lot of offices in the area around Yudal mountain. This building was built by the Japanese and functioned as the consulate during the occupation, but is now a Museum of Modern History. 

B. A House Full of Happiness (행복이가득한집)
Address: 전라남도 목포시 해안로165번길 45

Whenever someone visits Mokpo and asks for suggestions of where to go, I mention this coffee shop. It isn't the most affordable coffee shop (most drinks cost 6000won/$6), but the atmosphere is everything. The building is Japanese style, and the interior is full of antique-y furniture and subtle linens and little details that make it unlike any place I've been to in Korea. It's quaint, quiet (an established kids-free zone), and a great hidden treasure in Mokpo. 

C. Museum of Modern History 2 (목포근대역사관 별관 2관)
Address: 전라남도 목포시 번화로 18

This is the second Museum of Modern History which is also a building the Japanese built during the occupation. While the first building is larger and functioned as the Japanese Consulate, this building functioned as an office which, amongst other things, collected taxes from farmers in Mokpo. Having two museums may seem like overkill, but each building has its own concept. The first building focuses on life throughout history in Mokpo and contains a lot of artifacts from upperclass citizens and/or Japanese. The second building contains "then/now" photos of buildings/areas in Mokpo on the first floor, and photos of human history on the second floor. As you make your way to the second floor, there is a sign in Korean which warns you of the graphic nature of the images so just keep that in mind. There is a lot to learn about the city of Mokpo! 


A. Mokpo Train Station (목포역)
Address: 전라남도 목포시 영산로 98

The streets around Mokpo station contain a lot of the history that you'll see in the museums near Yudal mountain. This is the station where you can catch the KTX (Korea's high-speed train) or you could take a bus tour of Mokpo! (information below)

Mokpo City Tour Info

The city tour starts out front of Mokpo Station and goes to the Museum of Modern History 2 -- National Monument -- Museum of Modern History 1/Former Japanese Consulate -- Yudal Mountain -- Lunch near Mokpo Bridge -- Gatbawi near Peace Park -- Gatbawi Culture Town/Museum Street -- Samhakdo/Yacht Marina -- Seonamgwan Fish Product Distribution Centre -- Mokpo Station

The tour runs everyday except Mondays. 
It starts from Mokpo Station at 9:30 and returns back at the station at 3:40.

Adults: 5,000won/$5.
Elementary/middle/high school students: 2000 won/$2. 
* Cost doesn't include admission to museums or meals

For reservations: 
061-245-3088 (probably not English)

B. Colombang Bakery (코롬방제과)
Address: 전라남도 목포시 노적봉길 9

This bakery is the longest standing bakeries in Mokpo (and likely shops, period) and has been family-run for 5 generations. Those living in Korea know how fast storefronts change, and the fact that this one has been going since 1949 is a serious feat. The most sought after product at Colombang is the cream cheese baguette (크림치즈 바게트) and I definitely, definitely recommend it. Check it out.

C. Shopping Streets

The area around Mokpo Station is technically the downtown area of Mokpo, but there really isn't a lot going on there anymore. A lot of the more modern shops are found on the newer side of Mokpo near Peace Park and/or Namak. This area shouldn't be ignored, however, because it has its own charm. While the worthwhile shops have slowly disappeared, there are still some good accessory shops, awesome food stalls, and beautiful lights. 

4. PEACE PARK (평화광장)

A. Coffee Shops Galore

This is the newer side of Mokpo. Literally. This man-made stretch of land only came into existence 20 years ago. Now there are coffee shops. A lot of them.

B. Dancing Fountain (춤추는 분수)
Address: 전라남도 목포시 미항로 115

The Dancing Fountain at Peace Park is 20 minutes of water dancing to music. Sometimes there are romantic or encouraging messages that people submit. What's not to love? It runs at different times (or not at all) depending on the time of year. The schedule: 

Peak season (June-August):
• Tuesday-Thursday, Sunday - 9:00, 9:30
• Friday, Saturday - 9:00, 9:30, 10:00

Off-season (April, May, September-November):
• Tuesday-Thursday, Sunday - 8:00, 8:30
• Friday, Saturday - 8:00, 8:30, 9:00

C. Gatbawi (갓바위)
Address: 전라남도 목포시 미항로 48

If you continue walking west down the waterfront, you'll come across a boardwalk which leads to a rock formation called Gatbawi. There is a charming story written on a plaque there about how a son failed his family horribly.


A. Lotte Outlets (롯데아울렛 남악점)
Address: 전라남도 무안군 삼향읍 남악로162번길 80

Technically a part of the neighbouring region of Muan, we'll call Namak the really, really new side of Mokpo. This area is the fastest growing which can be seen from the opening of the huge Lotte Outlet Mall. There is nothing like this in Mokpo, so it's pretty exciting. More exciting than the shops are the restaurants!

B. Kim Daejoong Square (김대중광장) / Namak "Downtown"
Address: 전라남도 무안군 삼향읍 남악리

This is the place where you'll find most of the shops and restaurants in Namak. During summer I believe there is also a light/fountain show in the park.

C. Waterside Park (수변공원)
Address: 전라남도 목포시 옥암동 1382

Mokpo has every type of landscape you could want: beaches, bridges, mountains... This is another example of the hidden treasures in the city. This park is a series of boardwalks through the brush. Closer to the water there is also a stretch of bike path. As Namak grows, and as rapidly as things do grow in Korea, it will be really interesting to see what else there will be to discover.


  1. Hello Lindsay,
    I've been living in Mokpo (as an expat) for 18 months now and only just discovered your story about this Korean town.
    It's very nice and yes, there is a lot to see and do down here.
    I don't agree on Mokpo having beaches however .....

    1. Fellow Mokponian! There are "beaches"... albeit not swimmable lol but beaches nonetheless :)


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