Canada 2015

March 01, 2015

Taking a trip to Canada during winter vacation (January) meant spending 5 weeks at home, whereas in summer I would only get two. So that's what I did. Taking a trip to Canada during my winter vacation, however, also meant that I had to travel to Canada during winter. My first Canadian winter in 4 years.

Despite the frigid temperatures, I had a great visit.

Let's start at the beginning: I got up before the sun on New Years Day to catch my morning flight. For my trip from Seoul to Japan I somehow got bumped, unknowingly, to business class. It was a great 2 hours which consisted of ample leg room, a fully-reclining seat, and the Ninja Turtles movie.

Once in Japan, I took the hour bus to transfer from Narita Airport to Haneda where I found that, on top of my 6-hour layover, my flight had been delayed another 5 hours. All those hours of desk-warming hardly prepared me for this level of time-killing. After already being in transit for 14 hours, I had a 13 hour flight ahead of me. In a middle seat.

In the end, after 36 hours, I arrived.
My luggage arrived.
I no longer had reason or desire to hate the universe.
Here is why...

Food was punctuated by seeing fun people and doing fun things.

Also furry things.

Late Christmas things

Warm Cuba things.

Underwater things.

Snowy things.

Climbing things.

Did I mention it was winter in Canada?

As always, I had a great visit. Landing back in Korea is always a weird mix of missing Canada while praying that the next 5-hour bus ride flies by so I can crash in my Korean home asap. 

Somehow February has come to an end.
This coming week brings a new month and a brand new school semester.

Teacher friends, 화이팅!

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