Winter Vacation Class (Cooking)

March 27, 2015

Kids hate coming to school during vacation but they like eating, so I thought I would meet them in the middle and make them come to school to eat.

I did a cooking class during my first year at Samho Middle School, but at that time I was pretty new to middle school so I think year's was more successful and I definitely enjoyed it much more (and hopefully the kids did, too!).

The class spanned two weeks: We first focused on vocabulary and verbs related to cooking before delving into reading recipes and cooking. Much like my other vacation classes, I taught a class of first grade students (Canada's 7th) followed by a class of second grade students (Canada's 8th).

Our first week of class came before Valentine's Day so I thought it would be a great (but messy) idea to make some heart-shaped cookies. I made some dough at home the night before class which the first graders used. The second graders used the dough made by first grade which saved them time to mix together some icing for decorating. It wasn't how I planned things to go, but it worked out perfectly.

Each following"cooking day" centred around a country:


Tortilla pizza
(Do Italians eat tortilla pizza? I doubt it.)

French Toast
(Do French people really eat French toast? I don't know.)

and Korea
Student-made recipes 

From the beginning of the class, I had the students in groups of 4 come up with a simple recipe that they could cook in class. I made it clear that it should be something simple because they were to bring/buy all of the ingredients themselves. They decided which food they would cook, as well as the ingredients the needed (and who would bring what). It worked out a lot better than expected and even I left class with new recipe ideas.

First Grade (Canada's 7th)

Second Grade (Canada's 8th)

Overall, it was a pretty fun class and, as always, I really enjoyed getting to know the smaller group of students better.

We're now about 4 weeks deep into the new school year and it's going pretty well so far. When I first came to Samho Middle School, the students who are now in 3rd grade had just arrived as 1st graders. It blows my mind.

Spring is here. Cherry blossoms are coming.

Warm things, happy things.  

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