Day 1100

October 29, 2014

My last update came with the upswing of the busy summer heat. First semester's final exams were coming to an end and summer vacation was about to begin.

For Canada Day in Korea, I have always loved getting together with fellow Canadians (and Americans, if they're lucky). This year we gathered in the small, quaint county of Goheung. I had visited Goheung previously for a Christmas event last year. This time around, Goheung was much warmer as we spent the day on the beach with great food and friends.

Before official vacation time could begin, as always, I taught about 8 days worth of vacation classes. This class surrounded the theme of Fan Clubs which I talked about in a previous post. Overall it was a really fun class and I was happy to get to know some of my newer first grade students.

At the beginning of summer vacation, my good friend Chester (who came to Korea at the same time as me and lived here until last August) made a visit to Korea! Because I had to work, we didn't venture too far but we were able to revisit many of our favourite places.

I had one last obligation to attend to before vacation: co-hosting the KOSETA Conference. I wasn't previously aware of this conference, but came to learn that it is a bi-annual, 3-day conference for the Korean Secondary English Teachers Association. English teachers from all over Korea come together to attend lectures which are put on by fellow teachers who share the results of their own research. Presenting a lecture at this conference seems to be quite the honour among English teachers; especially if the lecture receives an award (given by appointed judges). My role was, with my Korean partner, to introduce each lecturer. This was something that would normally scare the bajeezus out of me, so I'm happy that I did it.

Finally: Summer vacation. I enjoyed a few days of nothing before heading to Seoul for the long-awaited, much-anticipated, 2-day YG Family and Lady Gaga concerts.

Some videos from the first day of the concert ~ YG Family is a record label/talent agency that houses some of my favourite artists. The first video is a compilation of all the groups. The second is just Big Bang, my faves (♥‿♥✿) 

Alas, the new school semester came way too fast. My teaching schedule was mixed around with students more properly grouped by level which was definitely to everyone's benefit. This semester has, so far, been much easier management-wise.

The thing keeping my spirits afloat during the beginning of the new semester, however, was knowing that Chuseok (Korean Thanksgiving) was coming up soon. I spent this 5-day holiday, as you may know, in Tokyo!

Autumn abound, it was time to get in the last (and... actually... first) camping of the year. Patti and I headed to a campground in Gokseong. Due to being off-season, it was much less of a refugee camp situation and thus more relaxing.

The following weekend was Patti's birthday which we spent in a rented camping car in Boseong.

Surprise! Another 3-day weekend. This time I decided to head to Gangwon province.
After a 7-hour drive, we arrived in the north-eastern city of Gangneung.

That pretty much brings us to where we are now: amidst autumn weather and on the brink of Halloween. With all the holidays and events happening this month, I hardly feel like I'm teaching at all. Students had midterms a few weeks ago, last week they were away on a trip, this week is the school festival, and suddenly it will be November.

In other news, I've solidified my winter vacation dates which will bring me to Canada for a month starting the first week of January. Yay~ 

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