Another 20-Something Birthday

June 16, 2013

For my 26th, I was at a roadblock of what to do. I considered everything from shooting handguns to riding ostriches but ultimately decided that I didn't care what I did on my birthday, I cared about who I spent it with. So, I did nothing out of the ordinary but was able to enjoy a marvelous day ^_^

I began my day by meeting some ladies at a salon to get manicures, which was followed by a bit of shopping, before having to head to the hotel to get ready for dinner at a newly-discovered Italian place in town. The night was complete with great times, and traditional drinks of fire. Sunday, my actual birthday, was complete with an amazing dinner with my auntie.

Sidenote: I've recently discovered a magical, temporary means of dyeing my hair. It's called 'chalking'  where I literally colour my hair with chalk pastels that I picked up at the local art store. After colouring my hair, I set it with heat from my hair straightener, and seal it with a bit of hair spray. So far I've only tried two shades of pink, each which took about a week to wash out completely. It's amazing!

Dinner with some beautiful people.

Getting our nails did. 

First of 4 cakes ^_^

Mah ladies.

Aptly named "Birthday Shot" which has become more or less a tradition. (photo cred: E. Stieler)

Dude blows fire. Fire everywhere! (photo cred: E. Stieler)

Fire drinking (photo cred: E. Stieler)

Sunday dinner. Tacos! 

and cheese/bacon fries o.O

A cakepie made by the magician, Chester. Cake in a pie crust.

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