Christmas Season

January 01, 2013

It's hard to believe that it's already my second round of the Christmas Season spent in Korea. Being away for the second time was a little more difficult simply because I craved all things Christmas and the novelty had worn away. Luckily I know some amazing people here and there who helped keep the spirit alive.

To start off the Christmas season, Mokpo got it's first snow fall. This winter has already been quite a bit colder than last year with quite a bit more snow. A perk of coming to Korea was supposed to be my ability to boast about the non-Canadian winter. Thanks, mother nature.

These are some cards I received from home, complete with a Canadian maple leaf ^_^

Patti (in all her greatness and wisdom) baked gingerbread from scratch!

My house on the left, Patti's on the right.

I was able to join my friends in Canada for their annual Christmas get-together and our annual marathon Skype session complete with stunning views of their beautiful faces, ginormous wine glasses, and the CN Tower.

I was also able to Skype in with my sister as she built a gingerbread house

It's a beaut~

Yeonggwang Christmas Dinner
I have been fortunate enough to become an honourary member of the Yeonggwang society. I was invited to join the crew for their festive dinner at a Western-ish place with bottomless wine. 아싸!

End-of-the-World-Festive-Sweater Christmas Party
To celebrate our survival of the apocalypse (way to play, Mayans), some of the best people in Korea gathered together in their most festive sweaters to eat great food and exchange gifts.

My contribution for Secret Santa was Drunk Jenga. Each piece had a rule written on it. For example: Santa (sit on the lap of the person across from you for one round), Cat Lady (cat owners give 1 drink for every cat they have), Mexican Standoff (two players take turns giving each other one drink until someone backs down), Regis Philbin (give a player $1,000,000 or drink). 

I also contributed eggnog spiked with Canadian Club
(which I actually don't like but I was told it was good!)

From the gift exchange, I got a BB shotgun ^_^
It will come in handy some day...

Christmas Day
I headed to Patti's house after work on Christmas Eve to enjoy some lasagna and Christmas movies. This year, instead of gifts, Patti and I agreed to exchange stockings (saving my mother a limb's worth of shipping) so we woke up, had some coffee, and marvelled in what stocking stuffers Korea had to offer (I was spoiled, as usual). This was followed by a Skype date with my family and an amazing breakfast frittata. I soon headed to Yeonggwang where I had lunch with great people before heading back to Mokpo for our amazing turkey dinner.

Later that night I Skyped in with my family to see them opening their gifts on Canadian Christmas morning.

New Years
New Years Eve just so happens to coincide with one of my best friends birthdays here in Korea so we gathered everyone we knew and put together a half-surprise dinner (Outback Steakhouse yum). From there we headed to various bars, counted down with champagne, and stayed out until sunrise. All good things.


Up next:
10 days of vacation classes
23 days until the Big Bang concert
38 days until my 2 week stint in China

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