Apartment v2.0

November 28, 2012

I'm happy to report that my new apartment is an improvement from the last one. The size is pretty much the same, but it generally has a better look (it's newer), layout, and location.

Last year I lived on the west side of Mokpo which didn't have a lot going on.
Perks: Quiet, proximity to my school (15 minute walk), and beside a large grocery store.
Pitfalls: Everything else was a taxi ride away.

This year I'm on the east side of Mokpo which is closer to hadang (downtown area), the bus terminal, and everything in general.

Love the area around my apartment...

That's the front door. My clock is resting because I don't actually know if I'm allowed to put anything on my walls.

Right inside the front door is the bathroom. Same as last year. Self-cleaning.

Here we've got my wardrobe and my swanky new bedding.

Comfy-enough couch, desk, and you can see my kitchen in the distance.

This is my love shelf. Lots of goods.

Here's half of my kitchen: Sink, stove, and crafty use of shoe closets for pantry space.

Other half of my kitchen/laundry room. I have an oven. It's happy.

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