Happy Birthday to Buddha & Lindsay

June 08, 2012

During the last weekend of May, thanks to Buddha having a birthday, we got a long weekend. The plan? Camping in Buan.

Pit stop @ Buan Celadon Museum

We learned things. And made art.

Salt farms

Camping @ Mohang Beach

To say that the beach was crowded is an understatement. We decided that hanging out amongst 10 Korean families and what felt like a thousand kids wasn't exactly a relaxing weekend so we decided to head out.

This picture of 'tent city' hardly does justice to reality.

We spent the rest of the weekend relaxing around Mokpo.

BBQ in Peace Park. That's more like it!

Iced coffees & gelato perfection


Fast-forward. A week later I was turning 25!

On Thursday morning, I came to my office to find beautiful mystery flowers! It turned out they were from Mr. Lee, a teacher who attends my workshop. That night I went out for dinner with four of my coworkers to a fancy restaurant shaped like a ship.

There are some amazing flowers that my mom sent to me! (via Patti ^_^)

On Friday night, Patti and I had tacos and home-made lemon meringue pie (pie > cake)!!

On Saturday, the day of my birthday, I knew I wanted to do something memorable. Why not shoot a gun? Six of us headed to a skeet shooting range in Naju.

This is Meg and I shooting first. As we walked up to the range, we heard shots go off which were really loud and powerful. I know I wasn't the only nervous one! The employees were super nice and willing to help us despite the fact that we didn't speak Korean. They did a great job of charading their way through the instructions. How important are safety regulations while shooting a huge shotgun anyway?

The dudes handed off a gun to let us pose with it ^_^

The dudes also let us take home a ceramic disc we shot at. We also somehow ended up with empty shells.

From Naju we headed to Gwangju where we had an "Italian" dinner, an awesome cake, and then out for drinks where we met up with more amazing people. As a side note, you know that song "Closing Time"? It doesn't apply in Korea. Without a sense of time, we emerged from the bar at 6 a.m. to broad daylight. 25 has been good to me so far!

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