Day 279: More Spring Festivals

May 21, 2012

In keeping with springtime in Korea, there have been plenty of festivals going on.

Mokpo University Festival

Just as they did in the fall, the local university held a festival for spring. There was a ton of food, flowers, music, and other on-stage entertainment that I didn't understand. The main event of the festival was a performer by the name of 하하 (Ha-Ha). He's from a popular Korean TV show, but apparently also has a career as something of a reggae singer. I'm a fan of any music that diverts from the typical Korean pop music. Not that the typical Korean pop music is bad, just monotonous. I'll touch on that topic in a separate post.

Of course there were cherry blossoms

Imjado Tulip Festival

During the last weekend of April, I headed to Imjado for the tulip festival. Imjado is an island about an hour north of Mokpo and required that we take a ferry which, as my first in Korea, added to the excitement!

It was very... Dutch.

Hampyeong Butterfly Festival

The following weekend, Hampyeong probably experienced a larger-than-ever foreigner population at the butterfly festival.

One of only a few pictures of actual butterflies...

View of duck boats from a duck boat

Soon enough we found ourselves in a 막걸리 (makgeolli; rice wine) tent, followed by the 노래방 (norebang; singing room). Photo cred: Sam!


In typical foreigner fashion, we landed on the beach at Wando before it was really *time* for beach season. It was pretty windy, but well worth it. 

Photo cred: Jannies!

Boseong Green Tea Festival

We spent a sunny Sunday in the green tea fields of Boseong. This town accounts for something like 50% of Korea's green tea production, and the town's particular brand has even been used as a beverage for astronauts. Cool.

Our first of many green tea samples

Green tea ice cream: Round 1. Made by culinary school students.

This is 인절미 (injeolmi; rice cake) in the making. I was summoned to participate.

Round 2 before we headed to the fields.

After roaming the fields we relaxed in a tea house. So much tea.

This weekend is Buddha's Birthday which, for me, means a 4-day weekend that I'll spend camping at a nearby naval base. The following weekend I'll be celebrating my 25th birthday...


  1. Hey There Lindsay Look at me getting all techy, lol. Long time since we communicated. Your blog is amazing! I love it! You have inspired me to start a blog of my own. My address is . I am so proud of you! Keep up the good work!

  2. Hey There Lindsay....Just wanted to wish you a very "HAPPY BIRTHDAY'. Hope you are having a great time! Also wanted to tell you I love the pictures that you have been posting on your blog, especially the one of the green tea fields.

    Decided I wanted to try yoga so I just had my first class and I love it! Have you ever tried yoga? I think you would enjoy it too.

    Can't wait to see you again! Anyway "HAPPY BIRTHDAY" again. Love you a lot.....Hugs and kisses, Debi

    1. Thank you, Debi!!! I have tried yoga and I absolutely love it... very relaxing... Love & miss you! See you soon xo


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