Day 234

April 06, 2012

St. Patrick's Day

As has been the case with all non-Korean holidays so far, there were enough of us foreigners to make St. Patrick's Day come alive. The girls came to my place before we headed to Moe's.

Dressed to the nines (Photo cred: Erin!)

Class Field Trip 

At the end of March, all classes at Moontae H.S. were scheduled for their own trips to bond with their classmates. Some classes were headed for day trips around the province, while others were off on weekend trips to nearby islands. I joined a second grade class that was headed for a ceramic museum/studio in Yeongam.

Not bad considering the instructions were all in Korean.

Once finished being ceramic masterminds, we headed outside for a brilliant samgyupsal picnic. They literally brought like 7 barbecues and all the fixins'. Mmm!!!

So much delicious food. We played rock/paper/scissors to determine who would be the one to finish the leftovers. R/P/S results are nothing to joke about. The loser accepted his fate and devoured it all.


It's come time for us expats to make a decision about whether or not to renew our contracts. I only planned to stay in Korea for one year, and I'm keeping promises I made to only stay one year! So, in August I'll be heading back home where my heart is. I've already started the tedious (and likely to be disheartening) process of applying for teaching positions in Ontario. I also recently registered for two online classes in order to boost my teaching qualifications (wee!) so I'll be kept rather busy in the upcoming months. Not to mention that weather is getting warmer (roughly the same as it is in Keswick, minus that heat wave everyone was talking about) and spring season means the beginning of a new festival season! Lots to look forward to in these next 4 months.


I'll end this post with notably entertaining photos (again, taken by Erin). This was a recent trip to Gwangju where we found ourselves in a 노래방 (norebang; singing room). You rent out a private room equipped with all the karaoke goodies (yep, even tambourines). Korea is all about these specialized private rooms: PC rooms, screen golf rooms, DVD rooms, Wii rooms... Can't decide? Just go to a multi-room!

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