Not Just Valentine's Day

April 02, 2012

Korea could perhaps be considered the most romantic/love-centred place on Earth with so many special days being dedicated to love and relationships.

Starting with Valentine's Day on February 14th, this day is celebrated much the same as it is in Canada except that the woman is expected to give gifts to her valentine. The act is reciprocated on March 14th, White Day/Candy Day, when the man gives a gift.

Black Day, April 14th, is a little bit different. This is the day where single people revel/wallow in their singledom by getting together with other single friends and eating 자장면 (jajangmyeon; Korean noodles with black bean sauce).

The lovey holidays don't stop there; Christmas and Pepero Day (Nov 11) are sometimes considered to be 'couple holidays' where people give gifts/Pepero to loved ones. There are also some other holidays that exist to some degree but aren't celebrated widely, such as Kiss Day (June 14) and Hug Day (December 14).

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