New School Year in Korea

March 20, 2012

My vacation time has come to an end and it's time for Korean students to head back to school. Of course I use the phrase "back to school" lightly since students hardly left campus to have anything resembling a vacation. During my last winter class I asked my students about their plans before the new semester was to begin; They told me they were still coming to school to attend classes.

I may have mentioned this before, but the Korean school year runs first semester from March until July and second semester from late August to late December. This means that this semester is a fresh start; brand new freshman (Canada's grade 10) and my familiar, darling, former first years who have moved on to second grade (Canada's grade 11). As was the case last semester, I won't be teaching third grade students as they're already burdened with classes and other academic-related things.

My new schedule is a bit different from last semester; I now teach eight 1st grade classes and eight 2nd grade classes. This means that I have four less classes than last semester, which will be replaced with teacher workshops (I'll write about those in another post).

The new semester is great so far. It's interesting to think back to the start of last semester when I was simultaneously becoming accustom to teaching and living in a new country. This time around, I find myself comfortable with my family of coworkers and I've since become a champ at deciphering broken English and explaining things in fifty different ways.

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