Moontae High School Festival

November 30, 2011

For weeks my students had been practicing for what I was told was a "school festival". The concept was blurry to me until I actually attended it on Friday.

The morning events were held in the auditorium. The first event was something that I could only understand as a giant quiz game slash "if you think the statement is false stand here, if you think it's true go there". With hundreds of students, this was nothing less than hilarious. This was an elimination game and the students got super into it. After the game were the performances that I had heard so much about. Each class put something together with singing, dancing, and the occasional wacky outfit (which involved a whole lot of cross dressing):

Them boys in skirts

One of the winners! A students and teacher belting out a Korean number.

Awesome dance

Another dance. The girls went crazy for this one!

Dancing, dancing...

I really couldn't follow what was happening in this one! Something to do with a funky 70s theme.

Hilarious dance

Yeah, those gals are guys

Amazing Grease-like dance. I think they won 1st place

More amazing dance routines

The afternoon was full of club displays all over campus. I wish I had photos of these! My first stop was at a booth full of the most amazing drawings/paintings/photography. One student proudly dragged me over to her painting of a flower; It was adorable. At the animation club booth I picked up a homemade keychain, at the science booth I made a mirror from clear glass (which was more magic than science), and at the English club booth I saw how the English Journal was produced. Speaking of which, the first edition of the English journal was published this past week by one of my great coworkers and the English club. I'm so proud of how it turned out!:

First edition of the Moontae English Journal!

Oh yeah, interview with me!

The last stop I made was at the Dance Club and I suppose I should have predicted what would happen: One of my nightmares became reality when one of my students dragged me up to dance! I survived but not without my face burning red.

Overall it was an amazing day. I absolutely loved seeing my students and their talents outside of class!

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