Document Checklist A

June 24, 2011

Got my first round of documents submitted – finally :)
Application form, essay, med evaluation, police check, degrees, transcripts, reference letters, teaching license…
Due to the postal strike, I had to get my documents processed in person; this involved getting both of my degrees and my police check verified by the Korean Consulate in downtown Toronto.
An interesting experience that was.
The building was immaculate and I felt incredibly white, ignorant and uncultured, lol. Only a few of the signs were translated to English but I managed to find my way around. I had been waiting for a few minutes when I saw two white girls who, when they walked in, looked just as bewildered as I had. The empathetic person in me walked over to them and explained what to do. As I was leaving, I saw the same white girl (lol) carrying her Laurier degree (since we needed the original to be verified) and so it went:
L: “Ooo Laurier! Waterloo campus? I went there too!”
Her: “*Not phased* How did you like it?”
L: “Loooved it! I love that place. How did you like it?”
Her: “Hated every minute of it”
And, thus, a potential friendship was spoiled. I wished her luck and continued on my way.

Next step: Applying for my Visa

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