Canada 2016

August 10, 2016

It was finally the trip I had been waiting for: Canada! 

It had been a year and a half since my last visit... and my first trip to Canada during summer since 2013?? That can't be right but it sure is. The trip was long, long overdue. 

The flight was direct and perfectly sweet, as flights to Canada usually are.

Iced Capps are now the size of my head. Where was I when we became America? 
It was also sweet as @#$&. I usually drink coffee black. My palate doesn't know what's happening. 

Non-Korean beer. Yaas. On my first full day in Canada I doubled booked birthday party dates. I was thrilled that I could attend the birthday of one of my best friends; the first time in 5 years. 

I threw my health aside and ensured I had at least one Tims per day. 

I was also thrilled to be able to go wedding dress shopping with my nearest and dearest cousin. Hands down the most difficult thing about living abroad will be missing important occasions and events such as this. Luckily, I should be able to attend the wedding when I go back to Canada next summer! ♡ After dress shopping we had some quality time back at her country abode, complete with beverages and a campfire.

And then... Look who I found! 
Planning this trip to Canada, I was thinking of my home from a different, touristy perspective with the goal of showing PH where I'm from. I saw a lot of new things, too!

I gave him a tour around my hometown, Keswick, which really didn't take long.
Looking at a place through the lens of another person, especially a place as familiar as your hometown, can really change your perspective.

Same day, different landscape.
We really hit two opposite ends of the spectrum on PH's first day in Canada. I am lucky enough to have my friends invite us over and to see this amazing view!

The next morning was CANADA DAY. We got an amazing brunch at Cora's before going off exploring; Something I had never really done in the city before. We stopped by St. Lawrence Market (which was closed for the holiday) as well as the Distillery District. 

New day, new city?
Lindsay, Ontario to visit with a favourite auntie, uncle, and cousin 

Took an early-morning drive to catch some wildlife. Real life pokemons, if you will. 
We got three baby bears, wild turkeys, and a baby deer! Also Canadian Geese but they's not rare.

Wonderland for thrills and things.

Koreatown, Smokes Poutinerie, Blue Jays

Rounding out the Canadian experience at Niagara Falls

And then it was over... See you next year!

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