Day 1464

October 28, 2015

The second semester of the 2015 school year began at the end of August. I finished up my summer session of grad school classes and it was time to get back into that routine.

As an end to the summer, on a spontaneous whim, a casual trip to Aphaedo happened. It started out with go-karts and ended with a trip to a bonsai park.

The new semester at school was a whirl of classes punctuated with exams days and holidays, with a few days spent in Taiwan.

Then a weekend in Yeosu...
Yeosu is a place I've been to a few times before. To me, it's a perfect seaside Korean getaway from my seaside Korean hometown. It was used as a site for the World Expo in 2012, so there are still a bunch of touristy remains. I went to Yeosu when my sisters visited so there were lots of memories, too.

Haesang Cable Car (해상 케이블카) to Odong Island (오동도)

용굴 / The island's "Dragon Cave"


시누대 터널 / Bamboo Tunnel 


 Aqua Planet / Reptile Jungle @ Yeosu Expo


진남관 / Jinnamgwan Hall
An old naval base and headquarters of Admiral Yi Sun-shin


And a weekend in Seoul to see Disney on Ice~ I wasn't really sure what to expect. Korean actors? American actors? English songs? Korean songs? I certainly didn't expect that there would be American actors who performed Korean versions of all the songs. It was a bit of a bummer and I think most Korean kids also know the English versions. But it was a magical show anyway~

The Little Mermaid


Beauty and the Beast


And here we are. As I said in my last update post, my current contract will be ending at the end of October... which, as of this writing, is 3 days from now.

How has time gone by so fast...

The end of this contract brings the end of 3 years at Samho Middle School and 4 years of working in Korean public schools. It is awesome to have been able to see some of my students grow from first graders in 2012 until they graduate (to go to high school) at the end of this year. I'm thankful for the opportunities I have been presented with. While it has been a really great experience, I am undeniably ready for something new (in Korea).

What "new" is, I'm still not entirely sure... but I'll figure it out.

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