Favourites (04/05 2015)

May 29, 2015

Much like the selfie stick I mentioned in my February/March favourites, these pants, for me, have a history of love and hate. Since I came to Korea, these pants have existed... but they generally catered to ladies aged 50+ and were loudly printed with floral or animal prints. To me, they were "ajumma (old lady) pants". This season they have started to become popular amongst the younger crowd and even men. I have come to learn that they are actually called 냉장고바지 or, literally, refrigerator pants. There is no resisting them. Put them on and tell me they aren't the most comfortable pants ever. They are the best thing next to wearing no pants. As much as I love them, I have yet to transition into being able to wear them outside my house. Buy your own here.

There is probably nothing better than hanging out between the trees in a hammock. I have learned to keep my two hammocks in my car just in case, and they have come in handy more than once. If you're jealous and want one, I don't blame you. Buy one here. (This post is quickly turning into an advertisement for Gmarket. Gmarket, you're welcome.) You may notice that they come in "single" and "couple" sizes which goes back to what I mentioned in my post about dating culture in Korea.

I'm a nerd. I like learning. But there is only so much grammar I can study before my head wants to explode. For a change of pace (and by the recommendation of my friend Chantelle), I bought the book Learning Korean Through Folktales (전래 동화로 배우는 한국어). With each chapter based around a traditional Korean story, it helps you understand Korean culture, idioms, grammar, and vocabulary.

Is your Instagram as pretty as mine? ...  ◜◡◝ ... "Every Photo" (in the app store as 모두의사진) is an application that I've used to print photos from my phone. The photos must be square (you can edit/crop within the app) and they print out in a polaroid-esque style. In terms of price, there are a few packages you can choose from. The basic packages are 20 photos for 3,900 won (~$4) or 40 photos for 5,900 won (~$6). There are other packages which go up to 10,000 won (~$10) which include things like paper frames or pens.

This snack is made to resemble the (almost as equally irresistible) Korean food, 떡볶이 (ddeokbokki; rice cakes in red chili sauce). The name 신당동 떡볶이 (Singdang-dong Ddeokbokki) comes from a "Ddeokbokki Town" in Seoul that has apparently been "famous" for ddeokbokki since the 1970s. They're so good. I can't stop eating them. It's a problem.

April and May were good.
The summer is here.

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