Day 986

July 02, 2014

Last we spoke, I was about to enter a 4-day, long weekend during the first weekend of May. That weekend turned into a whirlwind of events despite not actually having any plans. It consisted of BBQs in the park, lots of drinks, and a trip to the green tea fields (which I had visited before).

A few weeks later, I went with some friends to Busan (another place I've been to before). I had been to the famous Haeundae Beach, but this was the first time I made it to Gwangnalli Beach and absolutely loved it. The next day we headed to the world's largest shopping complex, Centum City, which contains a spa, ice rink, cinema, and golf range within its fourteen floors.

The following weekend was my birthday! I was able to spend an amazing evening with some great friends. My actual birthday was on a Monday so after a little celebration with coworkers, I met my aunt for dinner and homemade PIE.


On the evening of my birthday, my aunt and I decided to visit a car lot just for fun. I had been looking online for a while and was just playing with the idea of buying a car in Korea. To make a long story short, after narrowing down my preferences, I visited the car lot again to really have a look. The majority of cars in Korea are white, black or silver, so I knew that I didn't want to end up with any of those colours. Initially I was leaning toward pink (after seeing a few online) but eventually decided that would be a bit too vibrant for Korean roads. My second option was the cute, green Matiz which was colourful enough for my taste yet common enough for my students not to be able to spot me so easily around town.

That following weekend just so happened to be a 5-day weekend (what's work?), and most of it was spent on car business. I had the help of two really great sales guys who accompanied us to Gwangju (a city an hour away) to take a look at some cars there (a bigger city gives more options). The car I went there to look at was a total bust, but we eventually ended up finding my cute grasshopper and sorting out the paperwork that day.

The first trip I took in my car was to a beach about 30 minutes from Mokpo called Topmeoli Beach (톱머리 해수욕장) in Muan. This is/was to be the first of many trips so far!

A member of my favourite kpop group tweeted last Thursday that he would be holding a surprise concert in Busan the following day. "This is it," I thought, "the reason I bought a car" (hah~) At first I thought it would be ridiculous to drive 4 hours for a concert only to drive 4 hours back (I had plans the next day), but then I thought "Why not? It's not like I haven't travelled across an ocean just to see a concert before." So I was lucky enough to cut out of work a bit early, pick up my friend, and head to Busan (yep, again). The concert was amazing; Only a few hundred people showed up (compared to the usual thousands) and it was set on the beach. We grabbed a coffee afterwards, listened to some street performers, saw people lighting off fireworks at the beach, and headed back to Mokpo.
(Photo credit to Rachel!)

The next day, a few girlfriends and I headed to a beach (Yulpo Beach; 율포해수욕장) which was just over an hour away in Boseong (making it my first trip to that beach but my third to that county~).

That just about wraps up my updates.

This week at school precedes final exams so things are a bit hectic with teachers trying to make the exams and cram all the content into our limited remaining class time. Next week will be a breeze for me as I will have zero classes. I will have some classes the week following exams, but I'm hoping that my school's new principal won't share the same anti-movie sentiment that the previous principal had; Trying to teach lessons after exams have finished is just as painful as you can imagine.

Coming up:
Canada Day celebrations, exams, summer staff trip, vacation classes, vacation, YG/Lady Gaga concerts...

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