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December 11, 2013

Second semester's after school classes were much the same as the "Pop Song" class I taught last semester. I taught the class on Tuesdays and Thursdays for 45 minutes. My class attendance began with 23 first grade students (Canada's grade 7) but due to other extra-curricular events, the number dwindled to ~6. As always, I enjoyed having a  smaller number of students because I was able to get to know the students pretty well.

This time, the central theme/project that I decided on was "About Me". What better way to garner student interest than to have them talking about themselves?

The main project I wanted to focus on was "Draw My Life" videos. Earlier this year, "Draw My Life" videos were *the thing* on Youtube so I thought it would be fun for students to depict their (short) life stories in this way. It incorporated speaking and writing and involved necessary skills they can use to introduce themselves.

Initially when I showed students samples of these videos and told them we would be making them, their faces looked a bit worried, but I assured them that we would make it happen.

I chose activities for the class which built up to the final product. These activities were mostly writing activities which got them thinking about themselves and events of their lives. We did some acrostic poems (generating adjectives about themselves), created a mind map (generating aspects of their lives such as family and hobbies), and a timeline which they would ultimately use as their script for the video. I asked them to include at least 8 events, many of which ended up being the same (I was born, I went to elementary school, my sibling was born, I went to middle school...). I also asked them to add some details like where they were born and the names of their siblings. When it came time to record, I had them work in groups of 3 and record their video and audio separately. I worked my iMovie magic at home, and here are a few of the final products! (Hope no one has an issue with privacy. These hardly contain any juicy, personal details.) 

Enjoy! ^_^


Finals are upon us which means that the 2013 school year has come to an end! Once the New Year hits, I will conduct two weeks of vacation classes before having most of February all to myself. At the end of February I'll be heading to Guam (world's biggest Kmart? Yes, please!) before starting a fresh school year in March.

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