Day 78

November 01, 2011

Visit to Hampyeong

On the weekend of October 15th, we headed to visit a friend who lives in the tiny town of Hampyeong. Most/all Koreans towns are famous for something.

For Mokpo, it's the tiny octopus.

For the darling Hampyeong, it's butterflies; There are butterfly designs on fences, buses, buildings, and there's a store aptly named 나비 마트 (Butterfly Mart).

Hwasun Halloween

Our first of two Halloween celebrations took place in a larger-than-Hampyeong-but-smaller-than-Mokpo town called Hwasun. Come to think of it, I'm really not sure what Hwasun is famous for. Usually when you visit a town, the theme slaps you in the face. Anyway, Hwasun is about 40 minutes northeast of Mokpo (near Gwangju) but by bus it took 2 hours. Through the night we indulged in some beverages and even had caramel apples. It was magical. We ventured out to a local bar where we learned some new drinking games. We also learned that, for Koreans, speaking to foreigners is considered punishment for those who have lost a bet.

Mokpo Halloween

Our second Halloween celebration was a goodie. The girls came to my place in the afternoon so we did some shopping before the festivities.

We enjoyed some drinks, good food, and Aaron Carter music videos before heading to a bar in Mokpo called Moe's. It's name is from the Simpsons but sadly the interior doesn't resemble the Simpsons.

Safe to say, it was a slow Sunday morning.

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