Favourites (08/09 2016)

September 29, 2016

1. During a trip to Daegu, we stumbled upon a little Japanese restaurant called Izawa (이자와). If you're interested in finding the location or would simply like to experience serious foodporn, look here. I ordered something called 규카츠 (gyoo-ka-tche; maybe 牛かつ もと in Japanese?) which is a slightly deep fried, but still quite rare, piece of beef. You eat it with rice, seasoned cabbage, and dip-dip. If you already think it sounds good, it is so much better than that. I'm on a mission to find a similar restaurant that isn't 250 km away.

2. Despite already being my most rewatched TV program ever, I had to watch Gilmore Girls again in anticipation of the Netflix revival coming in November. Whenever I feel like I need my feet brought back down to Earth, this is what I watch. I guess you could say that I turn to it if I'm out on the road, feeling lonely and so cold...

3. After years of using the Korean Grammar in Use books, it was time for a change. That series was useful in getting familiar with the form of the language, but I was looking for a book that introduced more practical language. This new series that I found, "Korean Speaking" by Hangul Park, is a series which includes various books at the beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels. Having multiple books at each level gives me the chance to learn more functions/forms that are at my level before moving on to material that is potentially way over my head. The contents of the intermediate books are a good mix of previously learned and new language, so I get neither demotivated nor a headache. 

4. On the topic of being a complete nerd, I also like getting things done. I've tried getting into the habit of making daily goals with to-do lists, and I've done so with an app called "Do!". It's free, it's simple, and it aids me in wasting less time. Or maybe it's just creating a new way for me to waste time by making lists. Regardless... I especially enjoy the fact that I can assign dates to certain tasks and satisfyingly cross things off the list with a double-tap.

5. The job that I started earlier this year requires a daily commute of 100km, so my 2001 Daewoo Matiz just wasn't cutting it anymore. My new car (2013 Chevrolet Spark) is... well... my favourite thing! It had the nickname "무지" (mu-ji) in honour of the delicious, yellow, pickled radish (단무지)... until I found out that the name isn't cute and just translates to "stupidity". TLDR; nickname TBD. 

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