Favourites (03/04 2016)

April 29, 2016

1. With spring and festival season impending (and as a "hey congrats on the new job" gift to myself), I invested in a decent camera. I had been relying on the photo quality of my phone's camera, but no more! The Sony a6000 is a decent, non-DSLR, starter camera. It is also wifi capable which supports the real purpose of photography which is, you know -- social media.

2. Jang Beom June is the lead singer, guitarist, and founder of the Korean band, Busker Busker. The band's popularity can probably be attributed to their success in reaching the final round of the audition program, Superstar K. In 2011, Busker Busker came second to Ulala Session on Superstar K but have seemed to achieve a higher level of success since the program ended. Busker Busker released their first album in 2012 and their second album in 2013, both of which won Album of the Year at the MelOn Music Awards. Even 4 years after its release, you can bet on hearing "Cherry Blossom Ending" more times than you would like to hear it during cherry blossom season.  

In 2014, Jang Beom June debuted as a solo artist and his second solo album was released in March of this year. If not the whole album, have a listen to "To Hongdae" (video below) and/or "To the Rain". Listen to his voice and be prepared to melt. 

3. I don't know what it is lately, but everything is banana flavoured and I am on board. The main contender seems to be the banana flavoured chocopies. If marketing had been more on the ball this product could have seen success similar to 2014's Honey Butter Chip Hysteria

4. I've had snapchat for months but I've finally gotten into it. The introduction of new filters on a daily basis has increased the amount of selfies on my phone tenfold. I also love being able to keep up with the unedited and not-significant-enough-for-other-social-media snippets of my favourite peoples' lives (mostly my sisters). You can find me username: rindsayloss.

5. If you live under a rock, perhaps you're unaware that Beyonce dropped a new album casually a few weeks ago. I'm part of the "Beyonce can do no wrong" brigade and this album, Lemonade, is no exception. The music videos/visual album are buried deep under wraps, but if you get a chance to listen: Sorry, Hold Up, Formation. The album is a solid yes. 

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