Favourites (01/02 2016)

March 06, 2016

1. At the beginning of this year, Netflix came to Korea which is both a blessing and a curse. Sure, it's been fuelling my procrastination but I'm also learning how to get away with murder and cook a full course meal using only mystery basket ingredients. (See: How to Get Away With Murder & Chopped. Oh yes.)

2. Coffee has been pretty essential in my life. I mean that for now and for always, but especially recently. After marathoning episodes of Goosebumps and realizing at 1am that I haven't made a dent in my research paper, coffee is important.

Good coffee isn't always easy to find in Korea, especially between the hours of 11pm-10am, so I've been making my own at home. Kirkland's dark roast espresso blend whole bean coffee got me through. It's dark, strong, and tasty. Get it here.

3. Speaking of research papers, they don't care if you're awake or even well-fed. And Korea has this thing called McDelivery.
Yes, McDonald's delivers. But that's not all.
McDelivery not only skips the part where you have to leave your house to get a Big Mac, but also replaces human interaction with an app. There's something about not having to say the words out loud that makes a Big Mac meal large sized with a side of McNuggets feel less shameful.

5. My cat, Songi.
There are moments when I hate her.
But she's pretty cute and knows how to fetch.

5. Winner is a relatively new K-Pop group that came together in 2014 and is the first boy group to come from YG Entertainment since Big Bang in 2006.
The group participated in a reality-type survival program (Who Is Next: WIN) where they (Team A) competed against another group (Team B) in order to determine who would debut first. Team A won, becoming Winner, and Team B later debuted in 2015 as iKon.

Winner released their second album in February which is pretty great.

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