Day 1523 (Goodbye 2015!)

December 26, 2015

The latter part of 2015 brought a whole bunch of changes.

When I first came to Korea in 2011, I worked for the public school board in the province of Jeollanamdo. I worked at Moontae High School for a year before switching to Samho Middle School for 3 years. While I deeply appreciated the experience I gained, I sensed a need for something new. My contract ended at the end of October and I got all the feels.

With work finished, I also found myself more or less homeless (typically English teachers in Korea have their houses supplied by their employer). I mentioned the new place briefly in my previous favourites post. Living in houses is hardly a thing in Korea, so I was so happy to have found this place. I really love it, but not ready to post pictures just yet!

In my previous favourites post I also mentioned the persimmon farm that I visited near the end of November. I had been wanting to go to a place like this for a while, and finally made it. To make it even better, it was only a short drive away from Mokpo.

Baekyang Temple (백양사) is a really popular place to see fall foliage in Korea. It's in a town called Jangseong (장성) which is about an hour an a half from Mokpo. Not wanting to drown in crowds, we visited a bit later in the season. There were less people, even less leaves, but it was a beautiful place to visit. In the future I may brave the crowds to really take in the colourful leaves.

I took a relatively pictureless visit to see some friends in Daegu... But I did manage to get a few pictures at a traditional market (대구 서문시장)

Seed hoddeok (씨앗 호떡)... I suppose it's like a donut filled with sugar and sunflower seeds. This was my first time trying this kind. Hoddeok is usually flat and filled with sugar and cinnamon. It's all yum to me.

Daegu-style dumplings... 

And suddenly... Christmas

With a new house to be proud of, I got my first tree~

First snows, warm foods...

It seems as quickly as 2015 started, it's coming to an end. I started 2015 awaiting my flight to Canada. I spent the snowiest season in the snowiest country before returning back to my Korean life. 2015 was a good one, and I'm looking forward to some great, new things in the new year: New job, new opportunities, finishing up grad school... 2016 Let's go~!

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