Day 845: Winter Vacation

February 13, 2014

Somehow it feels as though vacation should be wrapping up, but for me it feel like it's just beginning!
Here's what I've been up to for the past few weeks...

Big Bang @ Seoul
Right after my vacation classes ended, I headed to Seoul for yet another Big Bang concert. This time I invested in a light stick which somehow made the experience more excitingly legit.

Snowboarding @ Muju
I also got a start on my 2014 to-do list which included taking a shot at snowboarding. A friend and I headed to Muju Resort (which I visited previously in December 2011) and actually braved the slopes! After riding the bunny hill a handful of times, we headed to the moderate hill; As a beginner, I think I did pretty well!

'Tis the season for school-year change-over (before the new year starts in March). I attended both the graduation at my current middle school (below, left: proud banner outside school) as well as at my former high school (below, right: students happy dance). The graduation for high school seemed to be more of a celebration due to the fact that the students have completed what is probably the most difficult year of their life. So... my middle school students headed into high school will have that to look forward to.

Studying, Studying, Studying

I decided to spend part of my vacation in the true, Korean way: By studying!
I registered for an Additional Qualification course which supplements my teaching degree and leads to specialization in some subject (my case being ESL). I also registered for a TESOL course to improve my teaching of ESL and potentially open some doors if I need them in the future. Lastly, I picked up a few Korean textbooks to continue my self-studying to prepare for the Korean language proficiency test in April.


Coming up I have trips to Hong Kong (leaving tomorrow!) and Guam (next Saturday) so please look forward to those posts ^^

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