Day 716

October 07, 2013

Since coming back to Korea after my vacation in Canada, life has been busy. Time for some updates.

Second semester started up and is actually half finished. Midterms today and tomorrow mean a whole lot of deskwarming (hence the blog post with a side of winter vacation daydreams). My teaching schedule is the same as last semester, with the addition of a new after school class. I've managed to put together an "About Me" project for that class so I'll touch on that in a separate post.

At the end of August, I said goodbye to some of the greatest people I've ever met. I came here without the intention of making friends, but I'm so glad that I did. Nothing brings people together quite like being thrown into a brand new country/culture, and I'm really glad I had these people to experience these things with. I wish them luck in all their worldly endeavours because I'll need a basement to live in some day.

Oh a happier note, I headed to Seoul at the end of August to attend another G-Dragon concert as he rounded off his world tour (making it my 4th, but not last, time seeing him this year... yikes-a-bee). I think I've mentioned him more than enough in my previous spotlighty post, so I'll just leave photos here.

During this trip to Seoul, I also visited a popular cafe which functioned as the set of the popular Korean drama, Coffee Prince. I was mid-way through watching the series when we visited the cafe so it was perfect.

In order to spend some quality time with those who haven't abandoned me (yet), a bunch of us rented a pension (Korea's term for a rentable condo) in the county of Haenam. It was only a 30 minute drive from Mokpo but was exactly what we were looking for: a swanky place near the sea in which we could eat, drink, and enjoy each others company. 

For the past 3 weeks, I've been busy touring the country and having fun with my sisters. They are leaving in just over a week so that will be a post to look forward to ^^

Coming up: Halloween!

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