Day 565

May 09, 2013

It's been a while since I've done a general "update" post. Here's what I've been up to for the past two months:

Once the sun came out and the gray skies lifted in early March, Patti and I decided that a geocaching session was in order. We headed down to Jindo, a nearby island which is heralded for its adorable Jindo dogs and recently held the popular 'sea-parting' festival (which I didn't attend due to the fact that getting lost in a sea of people isn't my thing).

St Patricks Day
For the day of green, I invited some people to my city for day of drinks and festivities. We were able to spend some of the afternoon outside before the chill brought us indoors. When night fell, we headed to Moes.

GD @ Seoul
Shortly after the Big Bang concert, G-Dragon announced that he would be touring! Wee! I headed down to Seoul with Rachel and, despite his terrible red perm, the show was amazing. We headed to the venue a few hours early to take advantage of free stuff that was being given away. Silly me assumed that this would be a tame experience: Show up, get stuff, leave. I was wrong. There were random lines everywhere for different things, and groups of girls had strategically planned where to be and where to run next. Organized chaos. In the end, we went home with quite the haul! After the "picture-taking-in-a-no-photo-event" debacle at the Big Bang concert, I took them sparingly.

Free stuff! Fans and slogans.
It says "We waited for you!". Creepy but awesome.

China Night in YG
Since we missed China before we had left, the China group decided it would be fun to relive our experiences once back in Korea. We spent a Chinese weekend in Yeonggwang making dumplings and watching Chinese movies.

Cherry blossoms
Despite the short lifespan of cherry blossoms this year, there was no shortage of chances to enjoy them.

My first real taste was at the Mokpo University festival which also hosted a concert by Davichi (You should click the link and watch that video. Begins with a dude finding a girl in a garbage bag. Yup.)

Second round was an opportunity chased by my coworkers one afternoon. After classes were finished, we headed to a nearby historical site which was hosting a cherry blossom festival. Third round was when I revisited the park again the following weekend.

This is a video of us driving down the cherry blossom-lined roads near the park. 
I wish the quality was better...!

Butterflies in Hampyeong 
After attending this festival last year, I had little-to-no interest in seeing butterflies (which are scarce to begin with considering it's a festival for them). This was a day during which I intended to soak up sunshine, friend time, and festival food. The following day we headed to Gwangju for yet another infamous baseball game.

Near the end of the game (after what I assume must have been his fair share of beer/soju/소맥) this dude wanted to rile up the crowd. He succeeded a few times despite security's best efforts.

And, finally, last weekend was the time of year we all wait for: When it's not quite warm enough to go camping but we try it out anyway. A group of us headed to Wando around noon with nothing to do except enjoy the beach. The sun was roasty during the day, but we huddled around the campfire at night to keep warm.

We're all definitely taking advantage of the beautiful weather while it lasts, and trying not to think about the impending seasons of monsoons and humidity.

Up next: New contracts, latter half of semesters, Buddha's birthday, and my birthday.

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