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January 29, 2013

Vacation is in full swing.

I had plans to see a concert in Seoul (that I'll touch on in a separate post) which was sandwiched between two weeks of vacation so it only made sense to spend some extra time in Seoul.

After a 4 hour bus ride, we got to our hostel (Seoul I Guesthouse) then set out for the Tim Burton exhibit at the Seoul Museum of Art.

We weren't allowed to take photos but there were huge sections dedicated to artwork from his teenage years in Burbank which followed him through adulthood. The last exhibit displayed work from his movies; concept drawings and costumes and such. Very cool.

From there we headed to a restaurant that I had been dying to get to: Poutine Factory. Not the best poutine I've ever had but the cheese was legit.

Beautiful night view of Namsan Tower.

For our first full day, we decided to get some shopping done in Myeongdong (the shopping district which houses Forever 21, H&M, etc) followed by Nanta (the longest running theatre performance in Korea). 

Much-needed caffeine fix before shopping. Adorable cafe in Hongdae.

Prized purchase of the day

Nanta was a musical performance in which the performers only used cooking tools as instruments. I was hesitant because I thought it was a tourist trap, but it was actually pretty funny/entertaining.

The rest of the trip consisted of a visit to Gyeongbuk palace, a surprise visit to the Blue House (where the Korean president resides), and a few Big Bang concerts. 

경복궁 (Gyeongbok Palace)

청와대 (Cheong-wah-dae) aka the Blue House aka the President's house.
We stumbled upon this place accidentally as we left Gyeongbok Palace ^_^

Thai food in Itaewon (Cashew chicken in chili sauce yum)

The weekend’s main event


Up next: A week of deskwarming, then I'm off to China for two weeks!

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