Day 57

October 11, 2011

I still looove teaching! My students have midterms next week (desk-warming for me!) so I'm trying to be easy on them.

Some weekends ago, I went to meet with a bunch of foreigners in Wando. Essentially, this weekend involved beers, beach, and eventually bonfire.

The first weekend of October was a long weekend so Patti, her friend, and I headed to Haenam (the southernmost part of Korea) to go camping. The site was right near the water :) We had to cut our trip a day short because fall weather is beginning to set in but, frostbite aside, the weekend was awesome.

This past weekend I went to the Lantern Festival in Jinju with a couple of friends. The festival was much more amazing than I imagined! Many beautiful lanterns, great wine, great people.

Sarah, Erin, Catherine, and I in the Lantern Museum.

In search of a washroom, we found a rooftop. On that rooftop we found amazing fireworks.

Water Lanterns

Pororo, Catherine, and I

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