June 15, 2011

Now that my academic career has come to an end, it’s time to decide what to do from here… or, more appropriately, where to go from here.
My immediate future is taking me to South Korea! I have been hired on to the Jeollanamdo Provincial Office of Education and will be heading over in Mid-August. Details are fuzzy about the particular city and ages I’ll be working with, but I’m excited nonetheless! There has been so much to think about… what to pack, where to travel… not to mention how to teach English to students who have differing levels of fluency… it will certainly be a challenge.

Anyway… I’m reasonably overwhelmed with the thoughts of preparedness that I’ll need before I head over. In terms of getting there, I still have some paper work that needs to be done/mailed/etc. In terms of packing, I still have to begin buying all the products that aren’t available in Korea (i.e: deoderant). I have slight anxiety about not being able to get *my* products but that’s a risk I must take – haha. I am comforted by the fact that Forever 21′s website has a Korean division and that I’m small enough to fit the sizes. Phew!  In terms of teaching I still have some planning and researching to do about teaching students who don't speak my language. In terms of Korean living and culture, there will never be enough research to prepare me. I’m not sure what to expect, so I’m going with no expectations and a positive outlook.

But, of course, my thoughts are not always so positive and happy. There are a lot of people and occasions that I’m leaving behind. For example, I realized yesterday that I’ll be missing my sisters’ prom!! (Graduation was a mere after thought)… This realization sunk my heart but I know/hope they will understand! Maybe we can recreate the whole debacle once I return - lol! It will also be upsetting to miss occasions such as Christmas and my 25th birthday… BUT these are not factors that should deter me. No matter what time I planned to go, there would always be things that I would miss out at home.

With all that said, I don’t doubt that I will be able to handle this transition… I anticipate it! I’m excited to experience a new culture, new people, travel to new places, and visit with my auntie Patti who lives in Korea :)

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